Episode 146 [Ben Solo] Tactical Topic: 10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Headlines

Marketing headlines are hugely important. They determine whether or not your target audience is going to read or consume your content.

This is not just about articles.

Headlines are everywhere - in every single piece of your marketing.

  • Your email subject lines
  • Top of your website home page
  • Your Google and Facebook ads
  • The opening lines of your YouTube ads and radio ads.
  • Website page titles
  • Blog articles
  • Landing pages for online ads
  • Flyers and brochures for trade shows
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper ads
  • Etc

Today I'll share:

  • Headline Data and the common themes found in the data.
  • 10 recommendations for improving your headlines.
  • 3 free software tools to help you.

Reference from the show: HR Marketing Services.

To see the list of topics as well as all the details of my other guests, check out the show notes here:



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