Episode 9: (Reward Consulting) Christina Jones

In my first job out of university, I was a young know-it-all graduate who suddenly had to first face down strike action by angry workers who were walking out for a pay dispute.

(They stayed at work, possibly due to my winning smile).

Years later, I marvelled at highly paid engineers in an oil & gas boom period slightly miffed that the free bottles of fine wine they'd been given weren't from their favourite field in France. 

La grève!

As economies around the world approach full employment, there isn't much more fraught with danger in the HR world than the area of Reward & Benefits.

I recently had a great conversation for A Better HR Business with Christina Jones, Reward Consultant, about her move into the world of independent Reward consulting.

We spoke about:

  • Christina's consulting work and who she helps.
  • What’s good and not so good about making the move from the corporate world to becoming an independent reward & benefits consultant?
  • How Christina partnered with another reward consultant to get her first client.
  • The HR companies or consultants that market themselves well.
  • Smoothing-out cash flow by either systematising services, by productising knowledge, or by partnering with other HR companies.
  • Changes and challenges coming down the line for the HR and reward industry.
  • Advice for people thinking about moving into independent consulting.


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